Dancing as a Way of Life

10157149_591936967568772_646008750_n[photo credit: cake and whiskey]

This could not be more true in my life. However it’s not just my kitchen that is for dancing, it is every part and every aspect of my life. Dancing is my release. It’s my way of clearing my head and seeing the joy that is hidden within the not so happy parts of the day. Stress disintegrates when you dance and put on your favorite song. Dancing helps heal and helps you overcome obstacles without having to worry about them. Dancing creates a worry-less atmosphere where your fears disappear.

About three months ago I created Dance Party Wednesday at work because I was going through a time in my life where I was full of anxiety, slight depression and just overall unhappy. I had the hardest time shaking it off. Then one Wednesday morning I was listening to a wonderful song and found myself dancing in my car before I arrived at work. That’s when it hit me. Dance Party Wednesdays. I walked into work and immediately felt better for starting my day off with a little dance. It made me feel so great that I declared to my co-workers that from now on Wednesdays will be known as Dance Party Wednesdays. If you’re one of my regular customers, you already know whats coming. We turn the music up louder and do little dances all day long. If I know you really well, I’ll make you dance for me before I hand you your beverage. Dance Party Wednesdays instantly make people smile and the atmosphere becomes a happier, more joyous place for everyone.

Dancing is a way of life. Dancing is so much more than a dance. It’s a way to express yourself. Dancing lets the stress of everyday life to roll off your back and the joys of life to instantly show through you. Dancing turns any bad day into a lovely one. It’s not just a release, but a way to brighten just about anyone’s day instantly. I love dancing and I love sharing the joy it brings me with everyone I come into contact with. It’s amazing what a 3o second dance to begin your day will do. Your mood is better. You’re more productive. It’s harder to get stressed for no reason. So next time you’re in a hard spot and having a difficult time, do a little dance. I promise you’ll feel 10x better and your smile will light up a room. Have a wonderful Saturday my friends!

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