Best Monday In Awhile

Photo on 4-12-14 at 12.46 PM

Hello y’all. It’s Monday and I couldn’t be happier. You know it’s going to be a great week when your Monday morning starts off with such joy and excitement that it overflows into everything you’re doing. I want everyone to take a moment and think of something that makes them really happy. Now take that excitement and spread the joy around you! Dancing and coffee are instant mood uplifters. Trust me. Listen to your favorite song. Buy yourself flowers. Eat something that makes you feel good about yourself. Stop putting yourself down and start encouraging yourself to do better. It’s hard at first. Then it becomes easier and you become a better, more happier you! I couldn’t be happier right now. Life is wonderful and I know all the greatest people on earth. Thankful to be as blessed as I am right now. All right, time to embrace your weirdness and your craziness. I’m proud to be crazy, weird, southern, and hipster. It makes me who I am and I love who I am. Let’s all be thankful for who we are!


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