The Journey of Moving On

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Let me start off by saying “moving on” sucks. It doesn’t matter how better off you are or how much happier you are becoming. It will always suck and it will always hurt. Moving on makes you feel like you’ve just been struck by the end of the world. It’s the worst. You loved and then you lost. I would rather go cliff jumping than move on from failed relationships.

While the journey of moving on is a difficult one, there are ways of getting through it. Having a solid community support group is number one. You’ve gotta have someone you can talk to, vent with, cry with, express how much you’re angry, drink a glass of wine, and how much you want to make it work with that person and try to go back and then your person stops you and tells you how stupid you’re being and it’s a huge mistake. You agree. You cry some more, then have a glass of wine and tell funny stories to each other the rest of the night. Ultimately, if the relationship didn’t work in the first place… THERE IS A REASON. When God closes one door, he opens another somewhere for us to find or stumble upon. So that was step one of the moving on journey. Having friends and a community support group. Your friends will love you and be there for you no matter how you’re handling things and no matter how many times you need to talk about it and vent your heart out. They will love you and stand by you 100% percent. They will even jump off the cliff with you into the ocean if that’s what it comes to. Trust me.

I’ve spent the last three weeks moving on. I promise you it does get easier to accept what has happened and you do eventually realize it was for the best. One day you wake up realizing that you feel wonderful and the world is indeed NOT ending. You will start being happier and you will start believing the positivity in everything once again.

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In my story it didn’t matter how hard I tried to make things work or how much I wanted to fight for something we could fix. He finally gave me a reason two weeks later as to why things couldn’t be fixed. He didn’t want to try anymore. He gave up. So I made the decision that if it wasn’t worth his time, it wasn’t worth my time. So why do we torture ourselves with relationships that are doomed from the start? What good comes from giving it your all only to fail permanently later? It’s all a learning experience. You do live and you do learn. You learn what worked, what has to be different next time, what you want, what you like, what you don’t like, and what makes you happy.

Ultimately moving on is quite difficult. At the same time, moving on is a rewarding experience that opens you back up to being that happy individual that loves their life. Trust me. No feeling is ever final. I deserved better than what I ended up getting. You deserve better than the heartbreak you are feeling. It’s hard to admit and accept, but if we landed ourselves in a world of heartbreak, then we do deserve better than feeling like we aren’t worth fighting for. It’s time to take back your life.

If there is anyone who needs a listening ear or someone who they can vent to. I’m here. You can leave a comment on my blog or if you know me personally, message me. I know the value of great friends and what it means to really need someone to talk to. I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead of them. Thank you for reading.

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