To Be A Legend

[photo credit: darling magazine]

The above statement is quite a powerful one. “I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” It’s taking the limits off of us and telling us we can be whoever we wish to be, whoever we set out to be. For years I was made to think I had to change to make someone else happy. I couldn’t be me because being myself was selfish. I had to give up everything as ‘the right thing to do’ so someone else could live their dream and if I didn’t support it in every way possible including forgetting who I was, I wasn’t loving them. What happened next? I left. I started over in San Diego. I interned with an organization that gave my voice back to me, supported me in every way possible, loved on me, encouraged me, showed me I wasn’t alone and helped me find myself again. I’m a stronger and better person because of Invisible Children. I have made lasting family bonds with these people who have not only encouraged me, but inspired me as well.

To be a legend doesn’t have to be difficult. Legends are made every day. That moment you inspire someone to do something they have always been too afraid to do, or when you step out of your comfort zone to chase a dream you’ve been holding back on. While it’s important to nurture and love on those around you, it’s also very important to take time for yourself. You need to really know who you want to become and what you want to do in life, and then don’t let anything hold you back. Take the time to discover where you want to go, then go. Be a legend to yourself, then you will be a legend to others. Live a life that encourages, loves, inspires, and creates hope for those around you. You are your own legend.


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