Past Reflections, New Year’s Goals & Life Updates


Looking back at the year 2013, it wasn’t all sunrises and daisies. I learned and grew in ways I didn’t know was even possible for me. While the beginning of the year started off great, it quickly faded into something I had no idea was coming. My worst nightmare is the kindest way to put it. If I didn’t live in the roadie house with 30 of my closest friends, I wouldn’t have made it through. It was the constant love, support, and understanding of those around me that pulled me through with a smile. I owe everything to them for their never-ending belief in me. It was so encouraging to me how they were constantly there no matter what had happened. There was no judgement,  just love and support. Many take-out, coffee, and chick flick nights. The rest of the year went by a lot smoother. So much to grow on and I’m so thankful that. While the beginning was rough, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m blessed beyond belief and couldn’t be happier. Not to mention my family came up in July and we explored the West Coast up to San Francisco and back again!

IMG_20130503_141311 IMG_20130503_134054 IMG_20130703_194632 IMG_20130703_233042 IMG_20131225_142335

Now that we are in 2014, I have some personal goals in mind. I know I always say I want to work out more, however this time it’s not about working out. You see, I hate the gym. I’m never going to like the gym, therefore never being motivated to go to the gym. I do enjoy physical activity and kickboxing though. So I’ve signed up for kickboxing and am prepared to stick with it. I’ve also made it clear to myself that I really do need to get out more, but in healthier and more active ways. For instance, I hiked up Cowles Mountain this morning. It felt amazing!

IMG_20140124_122745 IMG_20130511_201518

[^This photo is for everyone that knows Tom Ferg. We want you back in California buddy.]

I plan on doing more things that I put off because I’m too nervous to try. Like quit my job or apply for one that I feel like someone else is better qualified for, but that I really want. So far I’ve applied for a few positions as events coordinators and one production assistant. I also scored a freelance blogging job through Tumbleweeds Handcraft! Talk about dreams coming true! I want this year to be more fun, and less fear. Less Fear. I’ve said it before, and I’m determined to stick with it. Everyone, I’m jumping head first this year and fearing later.


Tell me what you’re jumping head first in this year and fearing about later! The results say it all.

Life Updates:

I have the greatest roommate of all time. I love her to death. It’s a match made in roommate heaven. We live in the cutest place possible. It’s the best and I’m such a happy lady! Not to mention I’m starting my journey out into the bigger and better world of freelancing! I’m not officially a freelance blogger. Hit me up if you want me to write something lovely for your blog! I can’t wait to start doing more in this sector of things!


I hope you all have a fabulous Friday everyone!!


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