What’s Next on this Road Map?


Man it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I definitely miss my daily blog sessions to start off my mornings. So much is going on right now too. I’ve just booked my plane ticket home for the holidays. I’ll be moving BACK to the lovely La Mesa in just less than a month. LESS THAN A MONTH. It’s insanity at its finest. I’m really excited to be gaining an amazing, lovely, wonderful new roommate and friend. She gets me. We both have this thing where we drink coffee until it’s time for wine & we both collect mugs. Roommate love. I can’t wait.

After my move back to La Mesa I’ll be officially selling my lovely roadtrippin’ buddy, my car. I’ll be living the bicyclists dream for the next couple of years. I’ll be so fit that just maybe I’ll be as good as my wonderful friend Alex Guest. haha. Those of you who used to read my other blog last fall, remember my quest to becoming the greatest bicyclist like Alex? This time it will happen. It will. I am only working ONE job now too. Surprising huh? Seeing as I just love keeping busy. I’m solely a barista from now on. Well, I’ll have the occasion side project I suppose. I’ll be biking everywhere from the grocery store to work to little coffee shops to the trolley station and back again. I’m seriously so stoked on this though. I’ll finally be able to get myself back in shape and not be tempted to get in car because it’s just there and easier and quite more convient.

Also, I am hopefully going to start urban gardening. It has captured my heart and I have four books on how to apartment garden and garden in small spaces. It’s so exciting! I love the idea of self-sustainment. Growing your own food. Riding a bicycle to help save on gas and protect the environment. Only buying enough groceries your bag can hold. I’m so jazzed about this upcoming year. Maybe I’ll even start a few other side projects in crafting/sewing/photography. I’m really excited to start cooking a whole lot more too. My wonderful friend, Monica is teaching me her ways of meal planning. She is like the queen of the kitchen. So grateful to have her as my friend.

All in all, I can’t wait for what’s going on next. It’ll be quite the adventure. Maybe I’ll even get a fully functional laptop again as well. haha. Until next time, I leave you with this kitchen and cooking inspiring photograph. Let’s all get in the kitchen this next week and whip up something delicious! Thanks for reading friends!



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  1. Audrey Williams

    Cindy, I love your coming year plans. You go girl and enjoy life to the fullest. What holiday are you coming home to? Please stop by for a few minutes and say hello. I would love it. Btw, I made home made Girl Scout Samoas a couple of days ago and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD and actually better than GS cookies because they were so fresh. Tonight I am trying Hawaiian Rolls and I always wondered what made them so sweet and the recipe includes pineapple juice. WHO KNEW!!! But I will let
    you know the results. Best as always to you and your loved ones. Audrey Williams

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