I know I said way back when that I was going to write a follow up post on self identity, but I never did. I don’t think I’m going to either. Self Identity, while 50% of it remains constant, as a person we are always changing. We are always discovering new things and constantly evolving ourselves by taking risks and chances we never thought we would. Our likes remain constant to an extent, but even those change over time as we get older. Just look at photographs from five years ago and you’ll see what I mean.

I feel like every couple of months this past year has been a new chapter in my life; Creating a book of adventures that seemed impossible at one time or another. I truly live a life of wonder, amazement, adventure, friendship, and exploration that only God could have provided for me. I am blessed with friendships as strong as a family bond. Think about it: How many people can really truly say they packed up and moved 3000 miles across the country to live out a dream working for an organization they’ve had a passion and love for since high school? Leaving their family behind, working 65 hour work weeks, still finding time for a social life and crazy adventures, and always being provided for in some way or another. God is truly amazing. This life we live is a testament of who we are.

What are you going to be remembered for? What legacy are you going to leave this world with? God has a plan for each and every one of our lives, and if you let him He will make your life an adventure you never dreamed you would be on! I knew I had always wanted to come to California, but how that would happen, if it would happen… I never thought any of this would become real life. From that first “Come experience what California is all about!” commercial that came across the television in Longwood, Florida to finally being in this wondrous state, experiencing the beauty first hand. It’s magnificent!

I’ve lived out my dream of working for Invisible Children, and I plan on continuing my service to them by volunteering when I can and participating in the events as an alumni. I’m honored to be able to call myself an IC alumni. To me it’s better than being a college alumni. [However, that’s just me.] I get to move in with a former shipping intern, and three other wonderful people in the cutest of houses owned by the sweetest german grandmother the world has ever seen.  I’ll be three years strong at Starbucks and starting my culinary career off with a bang working for a food truck. I’m in the process of branding my name for my company and looking at owning my business while going to business school at the same time. The individuals I have around me are educated, wise, and give some of the best advice. I’m blessed to have them in my life and so thankful for such a strong community that is always looking out for each other.

This isn’t a self identity post, but a post to encourage every one of you to live out your life to the fullest. Don’t hold back. Don’t let fear control you and make you afraid to do what you want because you don’t know the outcome or you don’t want to fail. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this semester is failure is the biggest blessing you will ever have. You fail. You learn from it. You know what to do next time and you do it better. The best of the best have landed on their faces, gotten right back up, proved to the world that they will succeed because they learned from their failures. It’s a glorious moment when you realize failure is your friend and not your enemy. You can’t live life without failure. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you’re too afraid to fail, you won’t ever know your true potential because you never tried. Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t let fear keep you from achieving your goals, dreams, and overall exploration that life presents us with.

This is your life. Make the best of it. Live it to the fullest. Take the time to nurture your relationships and hold on to the friendships that you have and the new ones you will harvest in the years to come. Life can not be done without a strong community around you. Find that community and never let it go. From that community will come identity, joy, adventure and so many wonderful things. I can not tell you enough how blessed I am and how amazing of a community I have found. God is good. Don’t be fooled. He is always watching out for us and always has our best intentions in mind. He will make a great adventure, a glorious one.

Happy Wednesday Everyone. I love you all so much and wish everyone the best of week and loveliest of days. ❤


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