Monday Morning Inspiration

This morning I’m not only going to post photographs I find lovely and inspiring, but I’m also going to post quotes from my favorite magazine that I find inspiring. Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a morning or make someone’s day. I really hope one of these quotes or photographs inspires each and every one of you in some way or another on this lovely day. I love you all!

“I see that the world will be made more wonderful by people discovering their passions and living fully into their wild and crazy dreams.” -Ciona Rouse
“We become fearful of leaving the comfort of our habits, worried about losing what we have worked so hard to build. Too often, we forego opportunities because we are afraid the costs outweigh the benefits. We get stuck.” [Darling Magazine]
“But just like that day in the Starbucks, I’m learning slowly to be kind—to treat myself like I’d treat a best friend, with love and respect and the benefit of the doubt. I’m not an exception to my kindness. I’m the one who sets the standard.” [Darling Magazine]
“We can practice stability in our hometown or across the world; all it requires is a willingness to root ourselves in one way or another. From this rootedness, lasting change is born into the world around us” [Darling Magazine]
“The experiment proved to share one of the most significant qualities of travel: beauty in transience. When we travel, our experiences are important, but it’s what we bring back from those experiences that continue to shape us for years to come.” [Darling Magazine]
“We need a place that reflects who we are as well as a place that invites intimate moments and conversation with the people that we love in our lives. Spending the time and energy toward this goal will not be wasted.” [Darling Magazine – in reference to making your house your home]
“All too often we find ourselves either living in the past and clinging to our old friends in a way that keeps us from investing in where we live right now or blazing forward, forgetting the friendships that we have held dear for a long time. So how do we invest in our current lives and continue to honor our close friendships from afar?” [Darling Magazine]
“Though it’s okay not being friends with everyone you exchange names with, it’s not okay to think we can’t learn from those who we find ourselves very different from. Be it their interests, beliefs and even their humor—there is depth in our differences.” [Darling Magazine]

[all photographs either from here or from here]


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