Tiger Lily

[photo credit: Connor Harrison Schultze]

Hello Friends! I would like you all to meet an amazing group of guys from Oklahoma City who formed their band Tiger Lily. These guys have a passion for music, and have no problem sharing the love with their fans and friends. I’ve known Jimmie since pre-school and one thing you should know about him is that upon meeting him, you will leave with a smile. Goofy as they may be, they play some mean music. This pop punk group has two albums out on itunes: From This… Into That and Things I’d Wish I’d Said EP. They are like fine wine, their music only gets better with time.

Meet the guys:
[From left to right: Seth, Jimmie, Jordan, Cale]

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Right now these guys need your help to become Band of the Week on Easy Core. Just click here and vote for Tiger Lily! I know they would really appreciate the support and they are more than deserving to get Band of the Week. Just take a listen to their music and I guarantee you will love them. Stay on the lookout for their upcoming music video ‘Sinking’. Thanks for reading everyone and be sure to check out Tiger Lily’s band page on Facebook here!


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