Easter Weekend

It all started with some frisbee playing with my co-worker, Matt, from Starbucks. We got coffee at Cosmos; I went home to start this epic all nighter of watching all the STAR WARS movies, however,  Ronnie and I ended up going to get burritos at Food Truck Friday in La Mesa. We watched Drive with Ryan Gosling, and then at 10pm put on Episode 4 ‘A New Hope’ of Star Wars. I didn’t realize how much emotionally invested I have become in Star Wars. As a kid you think you know, but you really don’t know until you re-watch them all as an adult. My inner geek was beaming all weekend long. 
Food Truck gatherings have to be one of my favorite things.
Saturday morning I went with Kevin to Little Italy to spend the morning writing. We ended up running into Randy, Justin, and Stew. We all had breakfast at Influx, walked about the Farmer’s Market, and ended the morning with gelato. It was my first time having gelato. I believe my life has changed.
Shipping past and present. Dream team.
This weekend was beautiful and marvelous. Monica made us dinner and Sunday and we watched The Wedding Date. It was a good way to end such a lovely weekend. I’m so blessed to have such great friends who have become family.


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