Self Identity

It’s been a long road to discovering my true self identity; however, it’s been a road worth taking. I learned things the hard way and the easy way. Knowing who you are is one of the greatest feelings someone could possibly have. Self Identity. Those two words, together, are such strong and powerful words. If someone were to ask you, “Who are you?” What would you say?

While sometimes a self identity can be constantly evolving, I believe their are always core values that follow you everywhere. Now, don’t make fun of me. I’ve come to realize, accept, and embrace my inner hipster. I’m a hipster at heart. I’ve had glasses since I was 9 years old, and a love for skinny jeans ever since I overheard someone say in the school cafeteria that once you wear skinny jeans you never go back. I didn’t believe them until I tried it out. Drinking out of mason jars? I’ve been doing that since I could walk because my mom always had mason jars in the cabinet. It was her favorite thing to drink out of. But that’s not the core of this self identity post that I’m getting at. Who are you?

To put it simply, the quick overview of who I am, you could check any of my social media and it would all tell you the same thing:

Activist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Foodie. Barista. Explorer. Aspired World Traveler. Lover of Light.

If you look more in depth, I’m a girl who loves a good adventure. Experiencing life and natures “wow” moments and documenting everything. I’d be lost without my camera [or phone camera]. Coffee is the way to my heart, there is a couple other ways to my heart, but I’ll keep you guessing on those for now. I love coffee probably more than most people. Right now, [and I’m not joking] It’s like a coffee treasure hunt in my car. You can find coffee on the seats, in the trunk, on the floor, in the back window, and under seats. Getting a nice cup o’ joe or being a barista at Starbucks, anything dealing with coffee makes life better. I love sweaters. I love cold weather. I’d rather by a sweater in the middle of summer than a new swimsuit. I’d rather be on a mountain top than at the beach. I’d rather be with a community of lovely individuals than by myself most of the time. I love cooking and baking more than anything as well, and yes, I will document food like it’s a person. I get so excited over food, the way it looks, the way it’s photographed, everything about it. Lifestyle photography is probably my favorite, not to mention the way it makes food look. Julia Child is an inspiration of mine, and cooking is something that makes me feel happy, it’s a stress reliever, it lets you be creative and be yourself. I love to bake, however, I’m not a fan of eating the sweets I bake. I just like how they look, so any takers for actually eating them… I will gladly bake for you.

My lifetime goal is to own my own business. It’s a coffee shop where I make coffee, bake, and cook for people everyday. I get to bring smiles to peoples faces doing what I love best. It’s a place where community happens intentionally. That’s the entrepreneur side of me. I do want to also dabble in the business side of photography, crafting, sewing, and designing. As for the aspired world traveler and explorer, I’ve come to realize just how much traveling and exploring is a part of me. I want to see the world. I want to photograph the world. I want to go to places that scream the beauty of God’s work. Mountain tops, cliffs, oceans, valleys, fields, canyons. I want to see it all. I’m a lover of light, which means I love Jesus. He’s my Lord and Savior, and is the one who provides these amazing opportunities for me. He watches out for me, and lays out the path in front of me that He wants me to take. His way is always the best way.

Of course, none of this means anything without the community of individuals I am a part of. Community is such an important part of life. Without community, life is dull and there is no one to share the “wow” moments of beauty with you. My friend Danny got a tattoo recently of an anchor symbolizing being ‘anchored in community’. That’s how I view life, being anchored in community, God as your anchor, and in a relationship being anchored in one another.

As you can see, your self identity is a very important part of your life. I’m lucky to know my self identity and where I belong. Stay tuned for my Self Identity part two blog on some of my favorite things and likes. I may even throw in some of my favorite places. Thanks for reading ya’ll!



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