Stay Classy San Diego

Back in February my laptop had an unfortunate incident and was out of commission for a little while until it got fixed. Over those couple of weeks, there was lots of fun and exciting things going on that I was able to document on my phone. On this lovely Friday morning, I’m going to bring you those times, and times yet seen, in photographs. I hope you have a lovely time seeing all the fun stuff we do here in San Diego! ❤

Best guys ever. [& best dressed.]
Picnic with the ladies at lunch. ❤
IMG_20130206_225853 IMG_20130206_230821 IMG_20130207_165000 IMG_20130209_170638
Little Italy Farmer’s Market with this guy. :]
IMG_20130209_170912 IMG_20130212_191739
Watching the State of the Union with my family. :]
Secret Valentine’s leading up to Valentine’s day.
IMG_20130213_164506 IMG_20130214_082833
Valentine’s Day with Ames. :]
Happy Valentine’s Day brought to you by our Executive staff. ❤
IMG_20130214_150026 IMG_20130214_153416
#teamcarver #teamkeesey #teamjradruss
Little Italy with this pretty lady. ❤
IMG_20130216_132500 IMG_20130217_131817
Journey Church. :]
Wagon Trail. ❤
IMG_20130223_234703 IMG_20130223_235040 IMG_20130224_112128
Randy’s beach baptism! #proudayou
IMG_20130224_135755 IMG_20130224_141533 IMG_20130224_223014
That one day Danny got a tattoo.
Blogs & lunches brought to you by the beautiful Laura Weldy. ❤
Dem boys and their [cake & sprinkles] ice cream. :]
All those times you run into Stew at Cafe Virtuoso.
BBQ Friday.
A surprise visit from the lovely Brianne. :]
Texas Independence Day.
IMG_20130303_071419 IMG_20130305_150525
One year anniversary of KONY 2012.
IMG_20130306_134542 IMG_20130307_104241
Beautiful mountains of El Cajon.
Tony & I celebrating 19 years of Jesse. :]
Fashion Risk Friday – love the boys from the warehouse. ❤


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