With A Little Help From My Friends

[photo credit: invisiblechildren.com]

Dear Friends and Family,
If you follow my adventures here in California and have been since last July when I left for the craziest, most wonderful adventure of my life, then you probably remember me sending out a support letter like this. I’m in the middle of my semester here at Invisible Children and because we are unpaid and working full-time, it’s difficult to financially set for every little and big thing life throws at you. I’ve hit that place where I need to call out to my support system.

Working at IC has blessed my life beyond belief. I’ve become stronger and more confident in myself, gained skills I didn’t know I had, made friends from every corner of the globe, and learned so many things about myself that I didn’t know before. I’ve grown to be a better person, a better friend, since coming here. There nothing I enjoy more than working with the organization that inspires me “to be the change I wish to see in the world”. You gain lasting relationships, see the difference you’re making in the lives of those in the LRA affected areas, and get to change people’s lives everyday. It’s beyond amazing.


Invisible Children is an organization dedicated to bring a lasting end to LRA atrocities in Central and East Africa. We strive to see an end to this genocide and Joseph Kony [leader of the LRA – Lord’s Resistance Army] arrested and tried for his crimes. We want the child soldiers to come home. We recently hosted MOVE:DC in DC on November 17th and held the first ever Global Summit with leaders and representatives from Uganda, African Union, European Union, Central African Republic, Congo, and South Sudan. It was mind blowing and probably the coolest thing I had ever been a part of. We just opened up a new rehabilitation center in Dungu, Congo that can hold up to 300 former child soldiers. We also just recently were able to expand our HF early warning radio network to add FM radio which can reach basically the whole Sub-Saharan Africa. How cool is that?! This is what I get to be a part of.  Please check out invisiblechildren.com and see what other exciting things we are gearing up for this summer!


If any of you are able to, or willing to help me out financially to keep living my dream out here in San Diego with Invisible Children, I will be forever grateful to you all. I’ll send you the cutest little handmade IC memorabilia of thanks. If you feel lead to help support me, I can receive mail at:
1600 National Ave
San Diego, CA 92113
If you want to do it electronically through paypal. Any donation an be sent using my email, and that is through PAYPAL.

Thank you to everyone for your constant love and support as it gets difficult being away from so many of you. I love you all and appreciate you so much! If you do send me a donation of support, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment with your address so I can mail you some snail mail, I’d be super thankful! -Cynthia

[photo credits: the lovely lauranne boyd]


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