Christmas Packaging Part II

Well, better late than never! Here is the second Christmas Packaging blog I said I was posting a few weeks back. Coffee and Cookie Gift Bags are great way to give a warm Christmas gift from the heart that everyone will love! It’s handmade and will show your friends and family that you took the time out to create something special for everyone.

First off, HAVE FUN. Making these cute little gift bags should be a blast! What you will need:

1 spool of ribbon
brown paper bags
Starbucks VIA
Stamp & Ink pad
Hole Punch
A cookie recipe of your choosing

shot_1356314283537I used the recipe for Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies from Chapter and Page! They turned out so lovely and tasted even better. :]
shot_1356314398285 IMG_20121224_121247Definitely check out these Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies. So Delicious!

shot_13563716658431. Using a cute holiday stamp, stamp the bottom right corner the brown paper bag.
2. Take the ribbon and cut it into equal pieces, and set aside.
3. Fill the brown bags with equal amounts of cookies.
4. Fold the top of the bag down and staple each side.
5. Hole punch the top left corner of the bag, and hole punch each VIA.
6. Using the ribbon, tie a bow connecting the VIA and the bag together.

Give them out and watch your family & friends’ eyes light up!
[It may be because you’re giving them something deliciously edible.] 


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