Style Your Space: Minnie’s Lovely Home

One of my lovely co-workers at Starbucks, Minnie, hosted our partner party the other night and I couldn’t help but take lots of photographs of her home. She has one of the prettiest homes I’ve ever seen! It’s super shabby chic and totally something you’d find on pinterest. I had to share her space with you all. Hope you enjoy!

2013-01-12-15-55-35 2013-01-12-15-56-19 2013-01-12-16-11-39 2013-01-12-16-11-17 2013-01-12-16-11-292013-01-12-16-14-11 2013-01-12-16-14-28 2013-01-12-16-11-48 2013-01-12-16-12-17


2013-01-12-16-14-41 2013-01-12-15-56-32 2013-01-12-16-14-58 2013-01-12-16-15-14

2013-01-12-16-15-50 2013-01-12-16-15-40 2013-01-12-16-16-07

[cynthia nicole photography.]


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