Home Sweet Home

Well it’s official, I’m back at Invisible Children for the semester and it feels so great! I’m living in the Roadie house with 25 other lovely folks and we’ve already bonded like we’ve known each other our whole lives. I get to live in the loft with two other super wonderful ladies, Alicia and Hannah. We couldn’t get along any better than we already do! House Mom & Dad are the greatest! [Saskia and Micheal] It’s just so great to be back, be in the new office, be in the warehouse, and everyone be close to one another. I’ve missed everyone so much! I’m so happy to be here one more semester.

2013-01-12-12-48-39 2013-01-13-14-59-59 2013-01-13-17-04-43

2013-01-13-17-16-35 2013-01-14-07-17-42 IMG_20130114_115842 2013-01-14-11-54-57 2013-01-14-17-03-27
All photographs shown above taken by me, Cynthia Nicole Photography.


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