Christmas Packaging

This year for Christmas I got really creative with my packaging and gift wrapping. It was super fun and such an experience thinking outside the box since I am an unpaid intern, everything had to be cute, quaint, and inexpensive. Baskets for Christmas is a great gift idea if you’re looking for something to get super creative with. Here is my Christmas basket this year. It’s great for either a guy or a lady!




In this basket I put a loaf of bread from Panera wrapped in a cute kitchen towel from the local dollar store, a pound of coffee from Starbucks [Christmas Blend Espresso Roast], handmade chocolate covered pretzels, and handmade blank notecards. The notecards I stamped with different everyday stamps like: ‘thinking of you’, ‘thank you’, ‘hello’, and flowers or a bicycle. I added the ribbon and sparkly acorns to the front of the basket to spruce it up a bit. So easy and so fun!

The next package I wrapped up was this year’s five dollar gift exchange package. I did a snowflake rustic theme. It seemed to work because this was the gift everybody wanted. I think it was the twine that attracted them! haha.


Be on the look out for my second Christmas Packaging blog coming this weekend! It’s on making coffee and cookie gift bags, which are relevant after christmas as well! I’ll provide the cookie recipe I used, as well as, the other fun surprise that goes with the cookies! Happy New Year everyone!


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