Foxes Really Are Quite Lovely

I’ve come to this conclusion over the year of 2012, I have a deep love for this little creature called a fox. They are so lovely, beautiful, with the most curious of faces. I’m sure if it was possible, I’d have one as a best friend and a pet! Plus, my hair matches their fur coats. It was truly meant to be. Seriously though, I love foxes and anything to do with foxes. I guess what I’m trying to say is my favorite animal is the fox, followed closely behind by the owl and then the giraffe. Those are my three top favorite animals. Here are some cute fox photographs to brighten your day!

[photo credit: A Tide of Chills]

[photo credit: flickr]

[photo credit: The Sundance Kid]

[photo credit: tumblr]

[photo credit:]

[photo credit:]

[photo credit:]


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